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We are offering 10, 7, and 6-day tours for the 2023 storm chasing tour season! We also offer on-call single day storm chasing tours!


Included in the price of your storm chasing vacation tour: 10, 7 or 6 nights of lodging ( e.g. 10-day tour, 10 nights) individual and group photographs with the storms, highlight video, special 2023 storm season T-shirt, entry fees to attractions and state parks on down days, and in-vehicle wifi.  These tours will book fast!



Available Discounts: 

Room Share Discount: $150.00 off per person when you share a room with family or friends!

Cash Discount: $50.00 off per person if you pay by check or money order!

Multi Tour Discount: $200.00 off each tour when you book multiple tours within the same season! 

Loyalty Discount: Once you begin your first tour with Tornadic Expeditions every tour thereafter you automatically get $100.00 off!

( Multi Tour Discount cannot be used in conjunction with the Room Share discount )


Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing Tours Guarantee:

We are some of the best storm chasers in the industry. We have complete confidence during the course of your tour that you will be placed on a tornado warned supercell. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE TORNADOES. In the extremely rare event that you are not placed on a supercell that is tornado warned by the National Weather Service your next storm chasing tour will be discounted $350.00 

Storm Chasing Tours 2023 Schedule and Prices

All tours require a non-refundable deposit of $700.00 to book your seats. Tours must be paid by April 1, 2023. 

To book your seats please select the book now button on the tour period you would like to go on. This will bring you to our contact form. Fill out the required information and send. Once we receive your booking request we will give instruction on payment methods and confirm tour dates. When the deposit is placed we will send you confirmation and additional information about your tour. 


Booking is easy and seamless. We accept all major credit cards, zelle, pay pal, checks, money orders, and western union. 

All tours are conducted during the height of severe weather season. No one tour offers greater opportunity than another since weather patterns vary from year to year.  Please take a moment to read The Best Time to Go On a Storm Chasing Tour.



Tour 1 - Epic April - 7 Days

A common timeframe for tornado outbreaks and multiple

days of chasing in the Southern Plains! The peak for April severe weather!

Base City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chase Days: 7

Arrival Date: April 20

Departure Date: April 28

Status: CLOSED

Seymour Touchdown LR WW OP.jpg

Tour 2 - May Madness - 7 Days

A historical period for violent tornadoes 

and outbreaks in the Central and Southern Plains!

Base City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chase Days: 7

Arrival Date: April 29

Departure Date: May 7

Status: CLOSED


05142021 Las Animas Colorado Supercell 2 WW OP.jpg


Tour 3 - The Extreme - 7 Days

Active period for the southern and central plains, typically

frequent severe weather and tornado opportunity!

Base City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chase Days: 7

Arrival Date: May 8

Departure Date: May 16

Status: CLOSED

Waldo Kansas Tornado Beast LR_.jpg


Tour 4 - Prime Intensity - 10 Days

Statistically the peak of severe weather season!

Base City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chase Days: 10

Arrival Date: May 17

Departure Date: May 28

Status: CLOSED

05302021 Tour 5 Tatum New Mexico Supercell WW OP.jpg


*Tour 5 - Extreme Instability - 7 Days

Commonly active tornado period within a broad range of Tornado Alley!

Base City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Departs from Denver, Colorado*

Chase Days: 7

Arrival Date: May 29

Departure Date: June 6

Status: CLOSED

061021 Supercell 2 NODAK WW OP.jpg


Tour 6 - Upslope Supercells - 6 Days

The peak of High Plains tornado season. High occurrences

of severe weather and tornadoes in beautiful terrain!

Base City: Denver, Colorado

Chase Days: 6

Arrival Date: June 7

Departure Date: June 14


York Nebraska Supercell

Tour 7 - Violent Skies - 10 Days

Wide area of chasing opportunity throughout Tornado Alley.

Photogenic supercells and tornadoes common!

Base City: Denver, Colorado

Chase Days: 10

Arrival Date: June 18

Departure Date: June 29

Status: CLOSED


Alliance Nebraska Storm

Tour 8 - Northern Expedition - 10 Days

***Tour Director Favorite!***

Some of the best storms of the year! Incredible structure,

photogenic tornadoes and perfect terrain for viewing! 

Base City: Rapid City, South Dakota

Chase Days: 10

Arrival Date: July 7

Departure Date: July 18

Status: CLOSED


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