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Sweet Redemption! Tour 3 - 2019!

May 3, 2020

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Tour 3, 2018! Fire, Rain and Wind!

November 13, 2018


Tour 3 - 2018 experienced some crazy and unusual weather! Extreme drought conditions and severe weather can do some pretty interesting things! On this tour, we traveled across Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico. From a fire initiated supercell to a 265-mile long hail storm to insane straight line winds in Texas there was no lack of excitement and fun!


 Tour 3 viewing a powerful Mesoscale Convective System in West Texas

























Our first day brought us to the Texas Panhandle, there was only a slim chance for severe weather due to capping issues (Area of warm air above the surface that can prevent storms from developing.) but we are here to see severe weather even if the chance is slim we go after it. Little did we know that the cap would be broken by the help of a massive wildfire and a supercell storm would be born! An extremely rare meteorological event! 


 The intense heat from the wildlife causes rapid pyrocumulus development. 
























 Closer view of the Goodnight, TX wildfire and now developing supercell base.





















 Tour 3 Guests and appropriate "Burn Ban In Effect" sign with storm and wildfire!


The storm eventually moved away from the wildfire and was sustaining on its own without the help of the wildfire. We stayed mainly the core of the storm and intercepted hail up to the size of quarters. Unfortunately, the storm also had a lot of cloud to ground lightning strikes and because of the dry conditions, it started another wildfire.  We watc