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2023 Tour 8 - Northern Expedition or Was It?

Tour 8 - 2023 was an odd one! We call it Northern Expedition because in July you are normally in the Northern Plains of the USA! But this year the pattern was locked into a more southerly pattern that kept us in the Central and Southern Plains! We did 4,919 in 10 days! We ended up seeing eight states which include Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. We witnessed a total of 6 tornadoes in Colorado and New Mexico! Most of them were short-lived and very weak but the tornado in New Mexico was fairly substantial. We were also the only tour company on this tornado. Here are the photo highlights!

A beautiful supercell on 07-10-2023 north of North Platte, Nebraksa

Another supercell from the same chase on 7-10-2023 but this time south of North Platte, Nebraska.

A gorgeous LP Supercell near Halsey, Nebraska on 7-11-2023!

Another shot of Halsey, NE later in the evening!

A large tornado near Abbot, New Mexico. 07-15-2023. Very unusual and rare to see a July tornado in New Mexico.

Here is our Facebook highlight post with more photos!


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