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Storm Chasing Reviews from Our Awesome Guests  

Referrals from previous guests available upon request!

Please take a moment to go through our reviews and testimonials from our past storm chasing tours!

I would like to thank Erik Burns of Tornadic Expeditions and Adam Cuker for helping me to achieve a lifetime dream of seeing a tornado. Residing in Maryland we don't have the supercell storms like they do in the Midwest. 

We saw a beautiful stove pipe tornado that stayed on the ground for 20 minutes. We watched it develop and saw the same tornado rope out 20 minutes later. During the seven day Tour 3 (The Extreme Tour) we saw many beautiful supercell storms as well as several smaller tornadoes. Erik and Adam seem to be right on with every storm. They really did their homework and knew right where to find a good storms, they kept the tour exciting and fun as well as extremely educational. During the down days (for lack of storms) they kept us busy with other exciting attractions across the area.

Thanks again Erik and Tornadic Expeditions for a wonderful tour.

Bill Toth - Maryland USA - Tour 3 - The Extreme 2017

To describe this tour in one word: Awesome! Erik Burns is a pro, with an excellent set of skills to examine, evaluate and act on models, weather patterns and topographical boundaries. Although the week did not look very promising, he managed to get the maximum out of it and definitely exceeded my expectations: 4 chasing days with triple-tornado warned supercells and eventually one tornado. Of course we want to see the twisters but more importantly you want to understand the dynamics that are going on which he gladly explains! Nice hotels, great company and fully equipped car with wifi and screen in the back so you can track what is going on! 

Dominique - Switzerland - Tour 8 - Northern Expedition 2017

Incredible experience that I will never forget. Erik and Adam put us on the storm's that delivered the most amazing structures and lightning and even though we didn't see a tornado this time, they certainly showed us storms that didn't disappoint!. They definitely have the knowledge and the instinct to get us on the right storms. Had a great time with the small group which by the end felt like family and I have made friends for life. The tour was very professional and was made welcome from before the tour even started due to the great communication by Erik. I didn't mind the long hours in the car at all, Erik and Adam made us laugh and have fun. Looking forward to coming back for another tour!

Kim Watson - Auckland, New Zealand - Tour 7 - Violent Skies 2017

Go with these guys! They know their stuff - everything you ever wanted to know about tornadoes, supercells, thunderstorms, lighting, anything meteorological at all. It was not just educational but very entertaining - the discussions, the storm chasing, the sighseeing when there weren't storms to chase. It really pays off if your guides are good at analyzing the weather - and Erik and Adam are the best. They would spend early morning hours and after hours pouring over data when the rest of us were sleeping. In one instance, the other storm chasers decided to go south which turned out to be a bust. We stayed north and viewed a storm on which 3 tornado warnings were issued! On another chase we had a lighting show for 3.5 hours - it was amazing.

Pam Shea -  Virginia USA - Tour 7 - Violent Skies 2017

Rolling with Erik and Adam from Tornadic Expeditions was nothing short of an amazing experience! It was great to be on tour with people who appreciate everything about weather just as much as we, the guests, do. We got to see it all - Amazingly structured supercells, mesmerizing lightning, huge hail and - most importantly - several tornadoes, on the first and the last day, among

them one beautiful, fully condensed tornado that was on the ground for 10 minutes with a great rope-out! Even on the off days when there was nothing going on in the sky, Erik and Adam did all they could to keep the guests entertained and make it worth their while. On the chase days, you could really tell that they live for this and that they want to see Tornadoes just as much as all of the guests do. Great commitment! THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING TRIP!

Roman Lutz - Germany - Tour 3 - The Extreme 2017

"Hey, I am Guido´s mum. I want to thank you very much for your support. You have made a great impact on my son. He came back with a very clear mind about his future. What a relief to me knowing that Guído is going to study something he is living for: Meteorology. You don´t know how confused he was before his trip. Hope to hear from you soon."


Ms. Flock - Germany - Tour 6 - Upslope Supercells 2016

When I was trying to choose a storm chasing tour company for my first time out, I found it difficult to make any decision by just looking at all the different web sites. Every web site has pictures, claims about the different tornadoes they had seen over the years and recommendations such as the one I am writing here. I did see a number of items that I liked about Erik’s Tornadic Expeditions information and services. It took a bit of a flip of the coin to narrow it down to a couple, one of which was Tornadic Expeditions.

Once I had narrowed the list I made e-mail contact with Erik and I found him to be quite responsive both by return e-mail and phone.

I made the decision to choose Tornadic Expeditions and was extremely glad I did. Erik personally conducted the chases and despite having seen many tornadoes over his years of chasing, he remains highly enthusiastic about each chase even if it just ends in a beautiful supercell.

However, with Erik’s experience we did not run into that situation much during my week with TE as we saw tornadoes on 3 of the 6 chase days and thanks to his knowledge and instinct, we were in a tornado watch or warning area on each of the 3 other days. He successfully targeted one of the tornadoes we chased before the NOAA Storm Prediction Center Outlook.

Erik’s commitment to me during my chase time with him seemed more as a guest than a customer. He started with the use of a comfortable mini-van which I think was very important for the thousand’s of miles we drove. When we stopped chasing for the night the choice of hotels were always comfortable and clean. He always had a stock of water and of course the necessary T shirt. Erik took the time to explain things and readily answered questions from the most basic to the very detailed complicated ones. Even when weather is not dominating the conversation, Erik was friendly and conversant.

All in all I am extremely glad I went with Erik/Tornadic Expeditions as they did a great job of fulfilling this item on my bucket list and made it fun. If I were to do it again, I would choose Tornadic Expeditions again.


Dave - Buffalo, New York.  Tour 4 - Prime Intensity 2016

In April of 2012, I went out on my first storm chasing adventure with Erik Burns. I was a novice and didn't know much about severe weather, cloud formations and conditions. Erik not only allowed me to see over 15 tornadoes that day, but also helped me understand what I was experiencing, like storm structure, shear and a lot of other things. Erik also showed me how to read the radar that I learned in my storm spotter class for CBS 11. The trip was very enjoyable and he was always looking out for the safety of everyone- not only the people in his vehicle but the local residents around as well. It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget! At the end of the chase Erik said it would be awhile before anyone would experience that many tornadoes in one day again. Sort of like catching the biggest fish of your life on your first fishing trip! I highly recommend Erik to anybody interested going on a storm chasing adventure. His trips are first class. I know I won't go with anybody else.


 Joey Mongognia - Rockwall, Texas - Day Tour April 14, 2012


As a kid I knew that I was addicted to tornadoes and severe weather. It is an absolute thrill to me. When I first met Erik I knew that I HAD to get a chance to go out and do the real thing professionally. In May of 2013, that dream came true. I got the opportunity to chase with him and the rest of the crew. I was over flowing with thrill and anxiety. We were chasing in Southern Oklahoma and I saw my first tornado near Duncan, Oklahoma! They are determined to get the best view of twisters as possible all while keeping safety first in mind. They are very well educated and knew exactly what they were doing. They are independent and come up with their own forecast. Just a few reasons why I won't chase with anybody else. Thank you Erik for the great experience!


Tyler Pellman - Day Tour May 20, 2013

On November 16th, 2015 I went with Erik Burns from Tornadic Expeditions on a day tour to our target of Clarendon, Texas where we saw 6 tornadoes! Inlcuding the Groom and Pampa, Texas tornadoes. I was VERY impressed with my trip! Excellent guest service! Excellent knowledge of the storms and an all around wonderful experience! I give Tornadic Expeditions a 5 star review and it is definitely worth every penny you will spend! Thank you Erik so much for the time and effort you put into your business!


Koby Harris - Stringtown, Oklahoma - Day Tour November 16, 2015

Erik Burns is a skilled storm chaser with the knowledge to zero in on the best storms and the judgement to get close to the action while still being safe. On the day I toured with him, many other chasers chose a different area and missed the action, but Erik was in hot pursuit of the best storms, and we watched the birth and life of an EF-3 wedge tornado.  We then headed to the next storm that was rapidly developing and intercepted an EF-4 tornado which we observed from two different angles, close enough to hear and feel it's power.  Finding ourselves so close to the path meant we were able to render aid to a homeowner and help a dog displaced by the storm.  Throughout the day, Erik explained to us the information that he was interpreting to find the tornadoes and explained the weather conditions we were observing and what we could expect to see.  I learned about the conditions and development of the tornado and now feel better prepared for bad weather, thanks to Erik.

Storm chasing with Tornadic Expeditions was exhilarating and educational, and I plan on going again next year.


Lisa Holmgreen - Day Tour - May 19, 2013

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