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Why Choose Us

We know that choosing the right storm chasing tour company can be a difficult task. Here are some reasons to book your next storm chasing adventure with Tornadic Expeditions.
Experience Matters
Getting on the right storms is critical and we take it very seriously. We have over 60 years of storm chasing experience. You will be chasing with some of the best chasers in the world. Forecasting and understanding the science of storm development is of mass importance to our success. We are constantly furthering our education and forecasting ability by staying updated with the latest advances in meteorology and weather prediction models. An excellent forecast means cheers, smiles, and lifelong memories. 
Teaching is something we love to do! We want you to understand the storms you are chasing and observing! From interpreting radar, satellite, model forecast, mesoscale analysis, storm structure / associated dynamics and much more! Some of this might sound like another language but by the end of the chase tour you will have an understanding of these terms. We will teach everything in a simple easy to understand way. On the mornings before each chase we will have a target meeting where the lead forecaster explains the days set up and what to generally expect. At anytime you are free to ask as many questions as you like during your tour!
This is THE most important thing at Tornadic Expeditions. Your safety is our priority. We take every precaution to make sure each and every single chase is done in the upmost safety. There will be no use of drugs or alcohol during the duration of our tours. A mandatory safety and storm lecture will be given shortly after the meeting time on the arrival date. All guests must participate in the safety and storm presentation before the tour begins. We are CPR and First Aid certified for your peace of mind. 
Private and Personal 
We do not run big groups and we never will. We want your experience to be personal and more private. Our tours are limited to 4 guests per van. You get the attention you deserve. We do not want anybody feeling left out or being herded around. No waiting around for 16 people to use the restroom at a gas station when storms are ongoing.

No big crowded 15 passenger vans here. Everyone gets their own window seat and space. We carefully selected our tour van with comfort in mind. A bunch of cup holders, pockets for your gear, armrests, and side windows that roll down! 
The van is fully furnished in storm chasing technology! Two sources of onboard unlimited WIFI, a laptop loaded with radar and forecasting tools, dash cameras, streaming cameras, weather radios, communication, and much more. Power outlets to charge your cell phones, cameras, and other devices. We will stream our chases when possible and have a rear-facing camera so your family and friends can watch you storm chase during your tour. There is also a rear-facing screen that displays the lead forecaster's radar, our GPS location, and other weather-related tools.

Let's face it, we are all gonna be in a van for a week or maybe longer together! This will not be a dull environment! Lots of storm stories, jokes, games, and good conversation! 
No Down Time!
You worked hard for this vacation and you deserve a good time! From the time you arrive until the time you leave, it is all about you and having fun. That is what storm chasing is all about- FUN and good times! Our best memories are from the field chasing our amazing atmosphere and they can be yours too! When Mother Nature gives us the occasional fair-weather day we will go explore tornado alley visiting awesome sights, attractions and enjoy good food from hole-in-the-wall joints to high-end steakhouses.
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South Dakota Supercell
Waldo Kansas Tornado
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