Tornadic Expeditions Crew

Erik Burns

Owner/Tour Director/Lead Storm Chaser

Erik Burns - Tornadic Expeditions Storm

Erik was born and raised in the heart of Tornado Alley in Plano, TX.  Growing up in North Texas, he was exposed to many severe weather events that eventually led up to him "wandering around storms". As his interest turned into a passion he began to travel further distances to encounter these monsters to suppress his need for extreme weather. Forecasting and meteorology quickly became a focus for Erik as he continued to fine-tune his chasing ability. To this day he has witnessed and documented over 260 tornadoes and numerous supercell thunderstorms from the reaches of the Northern Plains, to the high plains of Colorado down to the border of Mexico in deep South Texas. He is also an international storm chaser having chased and experienced supercells and severe weather in Australia. Erik loves sharing his obsession and knowledge with others. He has done presentations at several schools where he educates students on severe weather and storm chasing. Erik also really enjoys researching tornado climatology and historical tornadic events. His enthusiasm for storm chasing is contagious and he still gets excited over the smallest of tornadoes and storm-related events. He will be your lead storm chaser and tour guide on every chase!


Erik is a former media chaser for NBC affiliate WFAA. His footage has been featured on The Weather Channel, CNN, CBS News, NBC News, KXII, KTEN, Storm Stories and more. He is currently a video stringer for Live Storms Media providing storm footage for media outlets across the nation. In 2017, Erik chased and documented category 4 Hurricane Harvey on the Texas Coast witnessing first hand the power and devastation of this catastrophic storm. 



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Adam Cuker

Storm Chaser/Tour Guide

Adam was born, in the heart of tornado alley, El Reno, Oklahoma. His fear of lightning and thunder as a young child started his passion to study weather. Growing up in Central Texas, his first major tornadic storm that affected him was on May 27, 1997, known as the Jarrell, Texas tornado. After he saw the destruction, including lives and property the tornado left behind, he decided to do more to help out in the warning process. Over the next few years, he took severe weather training courses and started spotting storms for the National Weather Service (NWS). He began forecasting, chasing, and assisting with city and county emergency services in 2001 including the evacuation of Hurricane Ike in 2008. Adam is the co-founder of Vortex Chasers, a chase team founded in 2009 tracking severe weather in the southern plains and having an affiliation with KWTX-TV to provide live reports during weather events. Through the partnership with KWTX and Vortex Chasers has given Adam the opportunity to be involved in a program called Project Tornado, which is presented to school children in the Central Texas area in learning about severe weather and safety.  Adam is currently certified in CPR, AED, FEMA courses and is an associate member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). He is also a HAM radio license holder, which is a great source of communication in getting information to the NWS while in the field. Adam has spent countless hours and miles tracking storms over the years and can't wait to be on tour to help guide others to witness the power of Mother Nature.

Adam Lucio

Storm Chaser/Tour Guide

Adam is a storm chaser based out of Chicago and has been aggressively chasing storms for over 10 years. He has witnessed over 200 tornadoes in his career including some of the more notorious tornadoes in recent memory.

Adam was also a backup driver for Sean Casey's TIV (as pictured here) and has footage featured all over national television. Adam has spoken at storm chaser conventions around the country and helps run an Illinois Weather page that has grown to over 225,000 followers.

Being from the midwest, Adam is used to life on the road and loves putting in the time, energy, and miles it takes to get to the right storm!




Colt Forney

Meteorologist/Storm Chaser/Tour Guide

Colt Fornery Storm Chaser.jpg

Colt was born and raised in the small farming town of Denton, KS. He always had a fascination for anything nature, but weather stole his heart at a young age when he and his family had to run over to a neighbors house during a tornado warning to take shelter in their basement. Colt began chasing storms locally in 2004 when attaining his driver's license, witnessing his first significant tornado near Hiawatha, KS in 2005. By 2008, Colt was putting on over 10,000 miles a year chasing storms across many states. In 2008, Colt pursued his passion for weather and attended the University of Oklahoma for meteorology, where he got his degree in 2013. While at OU, Colt met and began chasing with some other students, who would end up forming the group Basehunters Chasing. In 2012, Colt was a part of Josh Wurman's research project, ROTATE. He was responsible for driving a probe truck and deploying instrumented pods in the path of tornadoes. He also met his wife out storm chasing. She was a part of Project Vortex 2 and they met in a parking lot in the small town of Canton, OK, and the rest is history! He has had his footage on many national and international media outlets with the most notable events being the Joplin, MO EF5 in 2011 and the Moore, OK EF5 in 2013. Colt chases not only tornadoes and severe storms but also enjoys documenting blizzards and hurricanes. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge with tour guests and being a part of Tornadic Expeditions!

Nick Busby

Storm Chaser/Tour Guide

nick busby storm chaser.jpg

Like many chasers, Nick was born and raised in the heart of Tornado Alley. His passion for severe weather was sparked while riding along storm spotting with volunteer firefighter family members in central Oklahoma.
It was during this time he saw his first tornado, then shortly thereafter assisted with recovery efforts for the original Moore, OK tornado.
Expanding from that first tornado, over the years he has documented hurricanes, flooding, snowstorms and any other form of extreme weather that arises.
His work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Weather Channel, Weather Nation TV, and most commonly his home station Fox 4 in Dallas.

In addition, Nick was a member of the Army National Guard for 8 years, which included search and rescue, evac and medical training. Outside weather, you're
likely to find him with a camera in hand whether it be at the local airport, a national park, at the lake, or in the city. Nick is excited to share his passion for the extremes, knowledge and training with others this season!

Jason Cooley

Meteorologist/Storm Chaser/Tour Guide

Jason Cooley OP.jpg

Jason grew up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and moved to Oklahoma in 2010 to witness and study severe weather. He graduated from OU in 2016 with degrees in meteorology and mathematics. He participated in a storm field research project known as PECAN in 2015. He now resides in Lewisville, Texas with his wife and chases for KTEN in the Texoma region. He is a member of Texas Storm Chasers and Live Storms Media. His footage has been aired frequently on multiple national networks since 2014 and even a movie. He also plays multiple wind instruments and has been known to bring a horn and call to the clouds and cows out in the open plains.

Jason has always been fascinated by storms and wanting to be where the weather action is. His first tornado was a waterspout over Lake Erie in 1998. If only HD camcorders were handy back then! He has seen over 150 tornadoes and 8 hurricanes since living in Tornado Alley.