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The Storm Chasing Tour Van 

Ah! Home away from home, the chase vehicle. Not just any chase vehicle either. This is the Tornadic Expeditions Tour Van. The ride during your storm chasing tour will be roomy (window seats for all), comfortable and cutting edge! We put a lot of effort into the layout and features of our tornado tour ride. Let's face it, we will be spending a considerable amount of time on the road, being enterained and having technology at your finger tips is an essential part of storm chasing.  We like to think of the tour van as our sanctuary on the road. 

Here is what the storm chasing tour van offers you:

On-board WiFi - Verizon and AT&T for coverage everywhere.

Guest monitor and entertainment center - Displays current radar imagery and GPS location. Also used to play movies and tornado documentaries in surround sound.

Power towers - Plenty of outlets and USB chargers to power your electronics and charge cameras.

Reclining seats - Kick back and relax!

Rear climate control - You're in control of your comfort.

Window seats for all! 

Yeti Cooler - Bring extra snacks and drinks on the road. 


SDWY Border Group 06112022 WW OP.jpg

Storm chasing technology to help us get in the action and to document it:

Asus Laptop - Loaded with the best radar and GPS tracking available. We utilize several NWS products, forecasting tools, satellite imagery and spotter network.

Garmin GPS.

Global SAT GPS - Linked to GPS gate to offer location service to multiple applications. 

Live Video Streaming - At times we will stream live video to the world and your friends and family.

Canon Pro Grade HD Camera - Mounted to Film tools windshield mount. Can be quickly disattached to capture moments that are not in front of the van.

Rexing V1 Dash Camera - Constantly recording every moment in front of the van with audio. This can be pretty entertaining!

interior storm chase vehicle
inside storm chaser vehicle
storm chase car
Storm Chaser Erik Burns
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