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On Call Storm Chasing Day Tours

Don't have a week to spare but still want your share of the excitement? No worries, now you can! We offer tornado and storm chasing day tours any time conditions become favorable for the development of supercell thunderstorms in Tornado Alley. These one day tours are only available outside of our regular tour schedule.

At any time of the year weather conditions can come together for volatile severe weather and tornadoes. On Call storm chasing tours are a great way to experience the thrill of the chase anytime the opportunity arises.

****Day Tours are NOT available from April 20th through July 20th of each year. During this time we are operating our vacation tours. ****


Day tours work on a first come first served basis. We will collect your information on a sign-up sheet and contact everyone on the list until the seats in the van are filled ( 4 person max ). We will give up to 48-hour notice for when a chase day appears to have high tornado potential. The meeting location will depend on where the chase area for the day sets up. You are responsible for your travel to the meetup location, lodging before and after the event ( if needed ), food and drink, souvenirs, and other purchases. Your day tour includes professional experienced storm chasers, comfortable window seat, and storms! If for any reason our confidence changes and a potential storm chase no longer appears as favorable the chase will be canceled. Any payments made by this time will be refunded entirely. If you back out after payment is made on a "good to go" chase your payment will not be refunded. Please make every effort to be at the meeting location on time. We will not be able to wait on anyone running late, mother nature shows no mercy! Select the sign-up button below that will bring you to our contact page and request to be placed on the storm chasing day tour list! 


One Day Storm Chasing Tour

Base City: TBD

One day of storm chasing.

Payment due before chase begins.


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