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Information and What to Expect on Your Storm Chasing Tour

Below are some common questions people ask us about our storm chasing tours. Please contact us if you have any questions not answered here.

Are we guaranteed to see a tornado?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees on seeing a tornado. We strive to place our tour guest on tornadic supercells but mother nature has the ultimate say. It is very likely that we will see incredible storm structure and other modes of severe weather even if we do not get a tornado. Our daily chase forecast is geared 110% toward the areas of best tornadic potential and is monitored through the day. See our storm chasing tour guarantee.


What if there are no storms to chase?

If there are no storms, which does happen, we will go explore the surrounding areas! From visiting national parks, eating good food, local museums, national wildlife refuges, tours of the National Weather Center. You will be kept busy! 


What is included in the cost of my storm chasing tour?

Your tour includes experienced storm chasers and lead forecaster, comfortable vans, hotels/lodging, mobile wifi and power supplies, a t-shirt and a disk of the season's chases. The cost of daily activities on down days are also included. What is not included: food and beverages, souvenirs, airfare. We will stay in nice hotels like Holiday Inn Express, Red Roof Inn, Comfort Inns an Suites, Hampton Inn. 


What should I bring?

Please pack lightly, space is limited in the chase van. ( one duffle type bag per person ) Bring enough clothes for 7 days (please bring plenty changes of underwear, just kidding, not really!)  Bring cameras to capture the incredible sky. A light jacket could come in handy during some of the earlier season chases. You are welcome to bring your iPad/tablets and netbooks. 


Where will we be chasing?

Typically during the early season chases, we will be in the Southern and Central Plains, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas. As the season progresses we follow the storm systems northward with the jet stream.  So for example, one day we could be chasing the dryline in central Kansas, the next day we are in eastern Nebraska and the next we could be in southern Illinois chasing storms on the warm front. Later in the season, we will chase what is called the "upslope" events in Colorado and Wyoming into Montana, this is also a time of year we could be in Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. We call this the "Northern Plains season". 


How dangerous is storm chasing?

Chasing has its dangers, but the most dangerous part of chasing is the driving. How close we get to storms depends greatly on the type of storms we encounter and the severity of each storm.  We get close enough to the storms where we are safe and the guests still have an incredible experience. We ALWAYS have escape routes planned before making a stop to a view a storm. Every situation is different and we strive for you to have the best experience possible no matter the situation. Overall chasing itself can be quite safe, but again, the hazards of driving are the biggest danger. Lightning is also dangerous.  Anytime the lightning starts to become intense we will have everybody go back into the vans. ALL guests must participate in our mandatory safety and storm outlook meeting on the evening of the arrival day. We highly recommend that all guests purchase personal travel insurance for your tour. 


What are the chasers like we will be chasing with?

Plain boring!  Heck no!  We are a fun bunch!  We take storm chasing and nailing tornadoes very seriously but enjoy having a good time and want to make sure everyone else has an excellent time as well. We are laid back, free-spirited and very respectful. There will be very few dull moments! Meet your storm chasers and tour director!



Have a question not listed above? Fill out the form to contact us and we'll promptly get back to you. 

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