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Storm Chasing Tours and Tornado Tours
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Tornadic Expeditions - The Most Successful and Personal Storm Chasing Vacations in Tornado Alley.

We Added THREE NEW TOURS To The Otherwise Sold Out 2025 Tour Schedule!
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Philosophy - Experience - Success

An intimate storm chasing experience.

We have learned that smaller is better. We fill the gap that other storm chasing tours created. Our small group tours are more efficient with fewer stops and it allows for more intense chasing effort and more chasing opportunity. That's why all of our storm chasing tours are limited to only 4 guests per van. While other tour companies operate more like field trips we bring the real storm chasing vacation experience not found anywhere else. We go further and chase harder, for you. Our goal is to see you smile and to make your dreams of seeing tornadoes and severe weather a reality. 


Personal with attention to detail.

We strive to please and impress. The size of our tours enables us to give you the personal attention and accommodation you deserve. We will spend more one on one time with you than anyone. We are pleased to teach and educate on everything you have ever wanted to know about storm chasing, tornadoes, and severe weather! At the end of each chase, we stay in quality hotels and always eat well. Our tours incorporate Great Plains Americana tied into a fun vacation atmosphere!


High Success Rates witnessing the Greatest Storms on Earth!

With over 60 years of combined storm chasing and forecasting experience, our team of chasers is among the best in the world. We have the knowledge and skill to get you on the storms you crave and dream of. We chase when others don't. Seeking out the surprises that the atmosphere often displays. Simply put, we intercept more storms than anyone. 

Combined with our knowledge and experience, we utilize the latest technology, forecasting tools, GPS and observational data to seek out these incredible storms.

Founded in 2015, we have quickly become one of the highest rated and successful tour companies in the industry. Honesty and integrity is our foundation. Being in the right place at the right time is our talent.


A comfortable adventure.

We spent a lot of time choosing the right storm chasing vehicle. When traveling thousands of miles on the road, it's important to be comfortable.

All guests will have a reclining window seat with ample room, and free mobile WiFi. We also keep a cooler of bottled water for your convenience.


Chugwater Wyoming Tornado
It's Time to Chase Your Dreams! 

Epic Storm Video Anyone?

Anybody can enjoy the storm chasing experience. We welcome everyone. Since our tours are done in a small group setting you can enjoy the excitement of tornado alley in a more exclusive manner, making your storm chasing adventure much more special. You have the option to book on your own, with friends or family or book the entire van for a completely private tour experience. Affordable storm chasing tours and packages that will give you the most for your hard-earned money. Photographers, sightseers, thrill seekers, or the person who has seen it all will find the adventure of storm chasing as a new addiction! Our storm chasing vacations are a great way to feel alive again, an escape from everyday life like no other. When you chase with Tornadic Expeditions you are not a customer tagging along, you are part of the chase!

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