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2023 Tour 7 - Violent Skies - We should have bought a cow!

It's a tradition at Tornadic Expeditions that when we see a tornado we eat steak! Eating steak has been engrained in storm-chasing culture for many years. I believe it started after the movie Twister when all the chasers went to Aunt Meg's house and had a delicious meal of steak and eggs! For Tour 7 2023, we should have bought a cow. It was the tour we all dream of. We witnessed 16 tornadoes during this tour from Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. It was high-plains insanity! Let's take a look at the highlights!

Insane shot by guest Jeff Herd on the final day of Tour 7 near Kimball Nebraska. Lightning going through the tornado!

Tour 7 stats: States chased: Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska Favorite place: Chugwater, Wyoming Tornadoes seen: 16 possibly 17 Lightning: uncountable Miles: 3,746 Even saw two tornadoes at once while one tornado was in Wyoming and the other in Nebraska! Also saw two different tornadoes on different days both near Kimball Nebraska! We also documented one anticyclonic tornado as well!

Beautiful supercell in western Nebraska

Large hail destroyed parts of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. We took shelter under a carport and experienced the event safely.

A photogenic tornado in a desolate field outside of Chugwater Wyoming. June 23, 2023

The first tornado of the day on June 23, 2023 during the Wyoming/Nebraska tornado outbreak!

Another beautiful tornado near La Grange, Wyoming 06-23-2023.

Tornado near Kimball, NE June 26, 2023.

Close-up shot of the Kimball, NE Tornado.

Multi-vortex tornado near Burns, Wyoming June 26, 2023.

A large tornado ends Tour 7 with a cherry on top near Kimball, Nebraska. June 28, 2023.

Tour 7 celebrating an amazing time at Legends Steakhouse in Deadwood, SD! Steak of course!


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