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Amazing Week! Tour 4 - Prime Intensity!


What an incredible week of chasing! Lots of amazing storms and no shortage of tornadoes! In fact we observed 22 tornadoes! Our first tornado day was Saturday May 21. We got on the Leoti, KS tornadic supercell. An amazing sculpted supercell that we got 2 tornadoes from including one from close range! It was a thrilling experience the guests really loved! Really didn't get any good tornado shots from this day but have some good structure shots!

We kept the streak going on Sunday May 22 in Texas.. 5 tornadoes on this day! Including one large strong tornado in Plaska, TX, The rest of the tornadoes were brief or more obscured by rain.

Here is a photo of the large Plaska tornado!

Now onto Tuesday. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday... Mother Nature put on the grandest display of atmospheric beauty. She stopped for NOTHING! One jaw dropping tornado after another. Sometimes two and even THREE at a time! I am talking about the storm of the year - Dodge City, Kansas Tornadic Supercell. Out guests were in complete heaven. This was a special storm, the type that us chasers lay in bed and dream about. One of our guests had been doing tours for 6 years and had never seen anything like this, before his tour with us he had only seen 8 tornadoes. Such an amazing day.. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I will likely have to make another post to cover the days during this week, but I could not wait to get something up to share with everyone.

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