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Tour 2 - May Madness - 2021 - Uncharted Territory.

Not all tours are slam dunks! Unlike 2019 Tour 2, Tour 2 - 2021 was a bit slower than usual with only two chase days out of 7 on the front half of the tour and the remainder enjoying beach views on the Texas coast. We still witnessed one brief tornado in Louisana and chased a tornado warned supercell in North Texas.

Tornadic supercell ( above ) about half an hour before producing a brief tornado west of Natchez, Mississippi on the Louisana side of the River. The tornado developed in an area with lots of trees in our way and we could not confirm ground circulation as all we could see was the funnel cloud. Later on, the National Weather Service would confirm it was on the ground. We never chase in this region due to terrain challenges and road networks. It was our first time to venture into Louisana to chase during tours, but storms mostly stayed in the Delta region of eastern Louisana and gave us a little better viewing.

The next day we got back into Texas for another severe weather day. It looked to be a huge day but in the end, things don't always pan out the way the forecast tells us! We did capture this tornado warned supercell near Weston, Texas. Which is right down the road from my home! Always an odd feeling to chase near the homefront when on tour! As seen above. A nice base with inflow streamers and beefy wall cloud. This storm did produce a weak tornado but it was rain-wrapped and we never observed a view of it. Some of our friends were behind us and played in the bear's cage to witness the weak tornado. It was not much more than an 85mph dust whirl.

After our two days of chasing, the weather shut off for Tornado Alley and it was time for some rest and relaxation. We all agreed to head to the Texas coast to enjoy some beach time, beach shops, an alligator safari, and delicious seafood!


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