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2024 Tours and Other News!

Hey everyone!

Tour Director, Erik Burns here!

I am sorry I have not updated the "Chase Logs" portion of the site for some time! I will be updating the logs over the next few weeks doing shorter highlights of each tour. Before, I wrote these big pieces regarding each detail of the tour. It was very time-consuming and not many people want to read that much! So from now on I will be doing quick highlights about each tour and will get the website updated over the next few weeks!

Onto 2024 Tours!

We have added some AWESOME new tours for 2024! First off, there is a special treat next season which is our Solar Eclipse and Storms Tour! On April 8th, 2024 a total solar eclipse will take place across North America and it takes place during early Storm Season! A full eclipse and a chance for tornadoes and supercells how amazing!

We also added an Extreme Tour called Finger Of God! This tour runs alongside Tour 4 - Prime Intensity. This tour is designed for the thrill seeker who wants to get up close and personal with severe weather. Close-up tornado intercepts, and white-knuckling big hail core punches!

All other tours remain the same! We have been booking very rapidly and look to have another sold-out year.

Thanks for reading!

Erik Burns

Tour Director

Tornadic Expeditions


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