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April 23, 2021 - NW Texas Tornado Insanity!

Highlights from the amazing NW Texas tornado outbreak! April 23, 2021, Near Lockett, Texas

April 23, 2021 Texas Tornadoes

We chased a single supercell thunderstorm from birth until death southwest of Vernon, Texas. We observed 5 tornadoes from this storm and each one that occurred was better than the last. We were able to observe two tornadoes from close range. This was a career day for many chasers, but for Tour Director Erik Burns finally grabbing a shot he has wanted for nearly 20 years was finally achieved. A tornado with a rainbow crossing it! Here are the photo highlights of this incredible day!

Tornado #1 for the day. A nice chunky cone.

cone tornado texas

Tornado #2 with tornado #3 starting to develop just to the left of the main tornado.

dusty texas tornado

Tornado Number 4 was a real stunner! Very photogenic and very high contrast!

Lockett Texas EF2 Tornado

Tornado Close Up

NW Texas Tornado Outbreak

Tornado #5 from extremely close range!

Lockett Texas Tornado

Tornado extreme close up

And the Grand Finale of tornado #5!

Tornado and Rainbow

It just doesn't get any better!


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