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Tour 4 Prime Intensity - Amazing Storms!

Prime Intensity started off with it's name! We picked guests up from Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City and went right to chasing departing from the airport. The next 10 days offered some of the best storms of the year!

States chased: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico.

Chase Days: 6

Adventure Day activities: UFO museum, OKC Science Museum, Bitters Lake Wildlife Refuge. Natural Bridge Caverns. WSR-88D KGRK radar sight, Texas Chainsaw Massacre House.

Good Eats: Underwoods BBQ Brownwood, TX. The Dish Burlington, Colorado. Cattlemans, Oklahoma, City.

Beautiful sunset after a great day of chasing in New Mexico!

We managed to score one tornado from this storm right after leaving the airport on the arrival day. It was a grungy partially rain wrapped tornado and very brief. Near Corn, OK.

The storm that really took the show was a real beauty that we chased from central Colorado into Kansas.

During one of the chases in Texas we experienced one of the most photogenic hail cores we've experienced to date! Yes, that large white area is hail!

Tour guide Adam Cuker looking on to a Low Precipitation supercell outside of Roswell, New Mexico.

A really fun tour with a great group of guys! Didn't get to see a really photogenic tornado but we still got one, despite being brief. Mother nature treated us well with many impressive supercells! Another successful tour for the books!

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