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May 9, 2016 - Oklahoma Tornadoes!

Fantastic day! Scored 3 tornadoes in Southern Oklahoma in the towns of Boswell, Hugo and Sawyer.

This would be my last chase with family before tours begin. Left our home pretty late because kids had to get out of school and everyone had to get ready. We left my mothers house a little after 3:30pm. Since we live in North Texas the target area was not far at all.

We arrived in Madill, OK and the "BIG" show storm to the north went tornado warned. We would have been there if we could have been able to leave about an hour earlier. So we sat there watching our storm struggle to organize. I was really torn to go ahead and fly north and catch the northern storm or stay put and see if my target verifies. Talk about gut wrenching. Finally it started to happen and our storm really got going just west of Durant, Oklahoma. We followed the storm along HWY 70 just north of the Red River and we nailed our first tornado of the day in Boswell, OK. Which was a multi vortex cone. In Hugo we observed another tornado that we caught roping out and finally the Sawyer, OK tornado. Trees and no shoulder prevented us from stopping in time to get good photos but we got at least something to show for. Not really a fan of chasing in that area due to trees and poor road networks. We also witnessed hail just a tad larger than baseballs during the chase.

Was so good to chase with family. It's awesome to have a family who loves to chase!

Check out the pics!

Sawyer, OK Tornado.

Hugo Sawyer Oklahoma Tornado

Boswell, Oklahoma Tornado

Boswell Oklahoma Tornado

Huge hail we grabbed in Bokchito, Oklahoma

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