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Storm Chasing Tours 2017

Good day everyone! Summer is quickly coming to an end and the typical routine of life is about to ensue. This is not usually a time of year where people start to plan for vacations! With that said, it's actually a great time to start planning for your next storm chasing tour. Since our storm chasing tours run only during the peak of storm season and 4 guests at a time, seats tend to fill up quickly. We already have limited seating on several tours and as we get closer to the holiday season things will really pick up.

We have made some equipment upgrades for the 2017 tours! Our focus is an exceptionally interactive experience all around tour experience and up to date technology that keeps us ahead of mother nature! I will make a new post about it once it is all installed and ready :)

Our storm chasing tours offer the most value than any tour company in the business. Our guests have told us many times that we are more involved, stay in better hotels and shared more information than other operators they have been with! We are proud to be a leader in personal tours! We appreciate everyone who comes out with us and sees that a smaller tour company makes for a better chasing adventure!

We look forward to 2017 and we look forward to chasing with you!

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