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Tour 3 - The Extreme! Yes it was!

Let me simply state, WOW. This tour got to see it all! Big mean supercells, 100 mph winds, tornadoes, structure, you name it! This tour got spoiled by solid chase days and several tornadoes including the photogenic McClean, TX tornado, which is one of the most photogenic tornadoes of 2017! Tornadic Expeditions nailed it!

Tour 3 - Had long time chaser Adam Cuker on board! Adam is a talented chaser and we are happy to have him with us.

Say hello to tour 3! ( More about this tour below image )

the extreme tour

These gentlemen had their tour start off in a big way with awesome supercells and tornadoes! This was the best tornado of the day but we didn't have time to stop since the storm had started to turn more east, with huge hail close by. 05/10/2017 outside of Paducah, TX. Not a real high quality image since we had to take it on the move.

paducah texas tornado

The next several chases were fantastic! This tour had minimal down days and lots of chasing!

May 14, 2017 in the Texas Panhandle. Powerful outflow on the leading edge of a bow echo. We experienced 100 mph winds with this storm. A 1/4 mile from our location several power poles had been broken in half.

The next day May 15, 2017 offered even more insane structure! Beautiful classic supercell with lightning at sunset near Stinnett, TX.

May 16, 2017. We wanted that cherry on top to an already amazing week of chasing. We wanted that elusive photogenic tornado and we got it! In perfect position! There were many high fives and cheers after this moment. It was breathtaking.

This was an energetic bunch and we are honored to have them as our guests. Lot's of memories and laughs. Two of the guests are from Germany and by the end of the tour one of them became a Texan complete with a cowboy hat! LOL! We ate good during the tour visiting several famous restaurants and local favorite joints!

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